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Arrive home on a high note 16.05.2009
Canberra, Washington DC and Putrajaya 15.05.2009
Shop till we drop 14.05.2009
Obituaries in the Big Smoke 13.05.2009
Post-Barracuda Depression 12.05.2009
Sipadan, where my Barracuda dream came true 11.05.2009
Diving with Pirate Captive & Dynamites 10.05.2009
Gateway to dive sites ... Warning! Pirates Approaching! 09.05.2009
Cheap Diesel & Bum Equipment 08.05.2009
Tuning in to KK 07.05.2009
Driving directions from the visually impaired 03.05.2009
Home with family 30.04.2009
Leaving home ... and the Mile High Club 30.04.2009